Because Akida was staying in the series automatically Selia would too


A long time ago selia's father came home with a suspicious looking metal. At that time selia had just graduated from alchemic academy as a genius so when she saw that metal she got curious and experimented with it but there was an accident and she became cursed to become a bloodthirsty monster once a month and because of that she killed off her entire family. Afraid ti hurt anyone else she travelled the world seeking refuge that was when she came across Akida's nation a quiet peaceful and most of all at that time uncharted island. One day she saw the events of when Akida got attacked by nightmare and so he treated him. He was in a critical condition and she saw no way to save him, that was when she got the inspiration to do synthesis on him with the metal that turned out to be a soul edge fragment. She knew it would curse him for life- but it was better than being dead. And after Akida waking up she thought that instead of living in refuge forever it was better to be freed of her curse she thought "if i researched soul edge i will definitely find a cure!" and so that was what made her search for soul edge together with Akida.After the events of soul calibur ii she decided to search for soul edge by herself. In soul calibur iv she gives up trying to cure herself and decides to commit suicide but the only thing that can kill her is soul calibur in reality Akida convinces her not to but in her story...

Fighting style

Selia fights with magic spells and dark arts her attacks are outrageously slow but they reach far and they really hurt a lot. Some of her attacks even allow her to not to take damage or even to summon demons to help her fight. All in all she is suggested for more advanced players


Soul calibur ii

same as Akida's

Soul calibur iii

We see her doing something with soul edge in her lab then the screen fades out.While the screen fades there's an input command then the screen says 10 years later

NO INPUT : we see her crying and saying "its no good... after 10 years its still no good..."

INPUT      : we see her sitting on a bench looking at the big ben then suddenly Akida comes in human form sitting next to her saying "hey theres something i want to ask you now that this is all over" "yes?" then the screen fades out and Akidas voice says "will you... marry me?" she replies with "eh?" then the credits roll

Soul calibur iv

Algol falls then we see Selia destroy soul edge and says "now theres only one more evil left to destroy" when she was about to stab herself suddenly a voice says "what do you think you're doing?" and Akida comes in taking the sword from her she says "i'll keep killing i don't deserve to live..." then Akida says "so what?" Selia looks up at him surprised and he says "i won't let you kill i'll stay with you forever, just as long as you live" then she breaks out crying and the screen fades out the epilogue says so she continues to live together with her protector.


she is a shy and somewhat childish girl she tries to act tough- though she fails. She mutually loves Akida


Character select

  • "i'll do my best!"
  • "o-okay"

Before battle

in progress

After battle

in progress


in progress


  • Spell collection
  • Diary
  • Netherwold gate
  • Advanced spellbook
  • Ancient text
  • Edaroya tome
  • Celestia
  • Grimoire
  • Soul edge(complete)
  • "How to create/destroy the world"
  • Soul calibur
  • Picture book
  • Binder

Critical finish

Pages come flying out of her book and surround the enemy making some kind of magic circle then it lifts the enemy into the air Selia will then grow wings from when its the "other" time of the month. then she materializes a sword from thin air and she stabs the enemy then the magic circle breaks and they both drop to the ground Selia says "umm... eat that!" but against Akida she says "a-a-a-are y-y-you okay..."


  • Her second costume is always the same as Akida's except hers are baggy and she doesn't wear pants
  • Her destined battle is against Ivy
  • Her necklace never changes even when changing costumes

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