Salia Olschmidt

Salia Olschmidt (Soulcalibur V)

Salia Olschmidt (サリア・オルシュミット, Saria Orushumitto) is a fictional non-playable character designed for the Soul series of fighting games, making her debut in the second game of the series, Soulcalibur. Little is known about her past.

Salia had been part of Schwarzwind ever since their early days of being thieves, often being the one devising winning strategies. 

During the years of Siegfried's absence, she served as the leader of Schwarzwind. 

Years later, she convinced Hilde and the remaining survivors of Wolfkrone to join Schwarzwind.

She assisted Siegfried as he cared for his dying mother.

Salia appears to possess romantic feelings toward Siegfried, though it's unknown whether he is even aware of said feelings. Her change in appearance by the time of Soulcalibur V appears to be an attempt to attract Siegfried's attention.


Salia, from Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

Despite maturing from her younger days of being a thief, she still posseses a weak spot for making easy money.



Salia concept art from SoulCalibur

  • Salia is currently the second-in-command of Schwarzwind.
  • Daishi Odashima released an image of the Schwarzwind group via his Twitter account highlighting a woman that he later confirmed to be Salia.(1)
  • Salia appears in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, as a custom character in Quick Match mode, using Amy's style.


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