Ryuki is a samurai that can be fought in Soulcalibur IV in the Tower of Lost Souls. Ryuki is one of the samurai alongside with Tomoe in his battlefield. Ryuki wears a Scorpion type helmet and red samurai-like armor, and uses Mitsurugi's battle style. Ryuki can also be created in the character creation mode.


  • Ryuki is also refer as the "Dragon Knight" in red color.
  • Ryuki was Tomoe's protector during the war.
  • Ryuki is considered to be one of the character names from the Namco-Bandai-Fighting-Game's titled "Climax Heroes".

Tower of Lost Souls Details & Skills

TOLS Ascend Floor Challenge: No Man's Land (Floor 18)

Partner(s): Tomoe

Fighting Style: Mitsurugi

Weapon: Kokuenra

Skills: Auto Impact B

Impact Edge

Auto Grapple Break B

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