Quick Match is a mode that is introduced in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny & Soulcalibur V. In this mode you face opponents with a unique AI pattern and name (which some of them are based on game testers and tournament players) that are either easy or very hard opponents to defeat that you will obtain their "titles".

Quick Match in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

In Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny there are total of 200 titles to obtain by defeating the opponents. Starting from 200 to 150 are easy opponents, from 150 to 100 are normal opponents, from 100 to 50 are hard opponents, from 50-1 are the very hard opponents.


200. "Missed the Final Cut"

Opponent: babar1

Character: Tira

199. "Battle Debut"

Opponent: Soul Killer

Character: Kiku (Female, Custom Character, Setsuka Style)

198. "Entraced by Death"

Opponent: ykp

Character: Talim

197. "Amateur"

Opponent: Wille

Character: Cassandra

196. "Frightened Lamp"

Opponent: Melanko

Character: Fay (Female, Custom Character,Talim Style)

195. "Hermit"

Opponent: smorker

Character: Castor (Male,Custom Character,Raphael Style)

194. "Lonesome"

Opponent: moniKA

Character: Orchid (Female,Custom Character,Tira Style)

193. "Paper Shield"

Opponent: Sybilla

Character: Faustine (Female,Custom Character,Seong Mi-na Style)

192. "Trainee"

Opponent: Aitvaras

Character: Juba (Male,Custom Character,Nightmare Style)

191. "Waiting Man"

Opponent: fank!killer

Character: Yoshimitsu

190. "Wooden Shield"

Opponent: Ahrimon

Character: Lizardman

189. "Immobile Man"

Opponent: Dalkian

Character: Nate (Male,Custom Character,Astaroth Style)

188. "Aims for Low Attacks"

Opponent: Ricochet

Character: Batu (Male,Custom Character,Kilik Style)

187. "Frivolous"

Opponent: Speedman

Character: Kurt (Male,Custom Character,Ivy Style)

186. "Apperentice Grappler"

Opponent: Sandris

Character: Nornen (Female,Custom Character,Rock Style)

185. "Field Runner"

Opponent: Cutie Q

Character: Siegfried

184. "Kind-Hearted"

Opponent: Spotlightkid

Character: Sticker (Female,Custom Character,Kilik Style)

183. "Chicken"

Opponent: zombiedog

Character: Cat (Male,Custom Character,Voldo Style)

182. "Refusing a Visitor"

Opponent: xXechozXx

Character: Molard (Male,Custom Character,Siegfried Style)

181. "Impatient"

Opponent: N!TRO

Character: Girardot (Male,Custom Character,Hilde Style)

180. "Weak-Willed"

Opponent: forTune

Character: Isabelle (Female,Custom Character,Seong Mi-na Style)

179. "Deserter"

Opponent: Calgar

Character: Sahei (Male,Custom Character,Mitsurugi Style)

178. "Spoiled Brat"

Opponent: Gabija

Character: Kratos

177. "Coward"

Opponent: Bielobog

Character: Jack (Male,Custom Character,Dampierre Style)

176. "Unforgettable"

Opponent: EazY!!

Character: Astraia (Female,Custom Character,Amy Style)

175. "Stalker"

Opponent: triedge

Character: Zasalamel

174. "Harlequin"

Opponent: ToY PoP

Character: Archmage (Female,Custom Character,Hilde Style)

173. "Shearing Sword Technique"

Opponent: Cunningum

Character: D (Male,Custom Character,Zasalamel Style)

172. "Low Attacker"

Opponent: Vica

Character: D.Ghost (Female,Custom Character,Tira Style)

171. "Fashionable Swordsman"

Opponent: Ikumi

Character: Hestia (Female,Custom Character,Sophitia Style)

170. "Old Soldier"

Opponent: Presler

Character: 3K-Yen (Male,Custom Character,Yun Seong Style)

169. "Champion of Ruin

Opponent: C_Show

Character: Maccoi (Male,Custom Character,Amy Style)

168. "Broken Fanged Tiger"

Opponent: b!shop

Character: Kilik

167. "Little Scoundrel"

Opponent: quickdead

Character: Raphael

166. "Horizontal Flash"

Opponent: KHAMRAI

Character: Mimi (Female,Custom Character,Talim Style)

165. "Novice"

Opponent: Roxor

Character: Abigail (Female,Custom Character,Astaroth Style)

164. "Escape Artist"

Opponent: SouldeviL

Character: Loki (Male,Custom Character,Nightmare Style)

163. "Naked Fencing"

Opponent: TobiasGarret

Character: Coral (Female,Custom Character,Yoshimitsu Style)

162. "Grappler"

Opponent: COSMO GANG

Character: Dante (Male,Custom Character,Lizardman Style)

161. "In Fighter"

Opponent: swordkiller

Character: Kinu (Female,Custom Character,Setsuka Style)

160. "Adjacent Type"

Opponent: Augustus

Character: Blaze (Female,Custom Character,Kilik Style)

159. "He Who Takes The Middle Road"

Opponent: Sho'Nuff

Character: Pietro (Male,Custom Character,Ivy Style)

158. "Wild Dancer"

Opponent: Mr.X

Character: Rock

157. "Fake Edge Master"

Opponent: Chief Gules

Character: Nabeel (Male,Custom Character,Siegfried Style)

156. "Leg Crusher"

Opponent: piyo piyo

Character: Lamia (Female,Custom Character,Sophitia Style)

155. "Peaceful Man"

Opponent: Derringer

Character: Cash (Male,Custom Character,Voldo Style)

154. "Rampant Spirit"

Opponent: Shamrock

Character: Jahana (Female,Custom Character,Maxi Style)

153. "Copper Shield"

Opponent: Cessair

Character: Sophitia

152. "Close Range Fighter"

Opponent: Baubas

Character: Jalanili (Female,Custom Character,Seong Mi-na Style)

151. "Rice-Reaping Heishiro"

Opponent: c00lman

Character: Seigen (Male,Custom Character,Mitsurugi Style)

150. "Performer"

Opponent: hirobo

Character: Uval (Male,Custom Character,Yun Seong Style)

149. "Farting Baron"

Opponent: kaneyoshi

Character: Dampierre

148. "Narcissist Swordsman"

Opponent: Mokuphu

Character: Cerulean (Male,Custom Character,Amy Style)

147. "Retiree"

Opponent: Bosconovitch

Character: Jeff (Male,Custom Character,Voldo Style)

146. "Training Soldier"

Opponent: Wraith

Character: Jaeger (Male,Custom Character,Hilde Style)

145. "Gloomy Tira"

Opponent: Andraste

Character: Delisa (Female,Custom Character,Tira Style)

144. "Jolly Tira"

Opponent: Dark Angel

Character: Bear (Female,Custom Character,Tira Style)

143. "Reckless Fool"

Opponent: Black Rose

Character: Loretta (Female,Custom Character,Setsuka Style)

142. "Catalyst Legend"

Opponent: M.I.N.E

Character: Red (Male,Custom Character,Yun Seong Style)

141. "Wild Woman"

Opponent: Heavy Blade

Character: Eris (Female,Custom Character,Cassandra Style)

140. "Master of Charm"



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