Quattuor Orbis
VL 1p
Wielder Viola
Weapon type Crystal Ball

Quattuor Orbis is Viola's primary weapon in Soulcalibur V. It is a glowing magical orb that capable of creating waves of energy, as seen in Viola's Critical Edge

Quattuor Orbis has been by Viola's side since she could remember. However its origin is unknown, even to her. When Viola awoke in a ruined encampment deep in a forest, she was already holding the crystal ball close to herself. When wild wolves approached her, the orb suddenly shot out and killed them. This crystal ball one of the main methods which Viola uses to read fortunes. By peering into the orb, she observes symbols which tell her that particular individual's nature and fate. With this, she is able to see a person's soul, represented by a moon. This includes those whose souls are represented by a red moon.

Because of this crystal ball, Viola has been able to continue to exists, but it will not tell her why she exists...


  • Quattuor Orbis means "four circle" (sic) in Latin.'
  • The name describes only the orb as Viola's claw is technically considered equipment rather than a weapon. The weapon icons for Viola also consist of images of her orbs and there are no claws or gloves in them. Viola's attacks remain the same even if she is not equipped with the claw. However, during an interview, Hisaharu Tago referred to the claw as Viola's short range weapon making it debatable whether the claw is a part of her costume or equipment.
  • Quattour Orbis (2P) is blue and electricity can be seen within the orb.
  • The Soulcalibur V sourcebook brings up the theory that the orb may have been responsible for taking Viola's memories from her.
  • In Character Creation mode, it is referred to as a crystal ball instead of an orb. New Legends of Project Soul uses the term Crystal Ball as well, meaning the terms are interchangeable. 

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