Proving Grounds
Proving Grounds
Background music The New Legend
Home to Edge Master (SC), Kilik (SC & SCIII)

The Proving Grounds is a stage from the Soul series, notably used by Kilik and Edge Master.

Deep in the Himalayan Mountains, upstream of a cold mountain river, lives a legendary sword master. It was quite some time ago that this old man chose to spend the remainder of his life in this old cave temple. He continues to live eternally. And now, in order to control the power of the evil sword that he had absorbed, a young apprentice devotes himself to training in his place. Once the apprentice's fierce training is complete, he will set out once again to challenge the cursed sword. What thoughts will go through the mind of the old man as he sends Kilik on his way? The flowing water that has watched the old man for so long offers up no words, merely continuing to flow as it always as.

Twilight Variation

In Soulcalibur, there is a variation of this stage, which takes place during sunset. This is notably used by the Edge Master.

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