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"Justice will not hesitate." -Myrid

Myrid is a OC [Original Character] made on Soul Calibur 5. She has many angelic abilitys due to her species, called Aedra (AY-DRUH) which is a species of angel that dont have wings. But Myrid was also known as The Ruler, The Equalizing Justice, And The Superiora. She is 3400 Years Old [34 in human years] and wears a the "Cloak Of Superiority" which was only given to the strongest of Aedra. She is also shown to have the same fighting style as Elysium.

Myrid's Story

Myrid was a powerful Angel, But soon, She was banished from Heaven because she went against a very powerful god's unjustified acts. She soon became a aedra (A wingless angel) that felt needed both justice and revenge. She decided to group with 2 other Aedra. She teamed up with Alias,Aedra of Mercy [α Patrokolos style], And Aesenox, Aedra of Flow and Motion [Ivy style]. Once Myrid  found her teammates, Myrid,Aesenox, And Alias continued their journey.

Stumbling Apon The Worst Enemy


Myrid: Made on Hero Machine 3

With Aesenox and Alias, The 3 Aedras encountered a Daedra [Yes, This story is connected a bit toward skyrim, but thats just how its going to be, Alright?] But it was not a normal daedra. Usually, Every daedra is a Male, But what theyt encountered was a Female Daedra, Infact, a Female Daedric Princ(ess). Myrid and the 2 battled her, but she got away just in time. While battle, Myrid cut off a  peice of her armor, and the armor said in daedric scribe "Kyrauna, Daedra of Tourcher". And was suprised to see a female daedra. Myrid and the others continue their journey to this journey to this day, seeking  revenge on The Unjustified God.

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