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MG 1p
Wielder Mitsurugi
Weapon type Katana

Muichimonji is Mitsurugi's new primary weapon in Soulcalibur V. It replaces Shishi-Oh, which Mitsurugi lost in a fateful duel with a Battōjyutsu swordswoman 17 years ago, but managed to gain victory by punching her stomach.

After he returned home to Bizen, Mitsurugi encountered a rather pathetic katana set behind a tag identifying it as 'Ichimonji'. While no respectable blacksmith would ever admit to creating such a weapon, Mitsurugi had come to the realization that the strength of one's weapon is just for show. A warrior's true strength comes from within. 

Looking at the sorry excuse for a katana, Mitsurugi was reminded of a younger him, a hopelessly ambitious boy who was the son of a simple farmer, yet gave himself the name of 'Heishiro MItsurugi' as a sign of his conviction to become an elite samurai. "It's a worthless katana, but it suits my style..."

After purchasing the blade for next to nothing, Mitsurugi renamed the sword 'Muichimonji'.

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