Mirage Blade
General Information
Wielder Ivy
Weapon Type Snake Sword
For sale in Chapter 1, Chapter 2
Price 600 Gold

Mirage Blade is one of Ivy's weapons in Soul Calibur II.

Weapon Gallery

Powerful single strikes with Soul Charge, but lacks offense.

Offense: 60% Defense: 100%

Description: It looks like an ordinary blade at first glance, but its movements are ever-changing. It is said that this weapon is hard to defend against, as it seems like an illusion. No one knows whether or not it actually exists, however, so the sword is true to its name---an illusion.


  • In Soul Calibur III, the Mirage blade's design was taken and used for Ivy's version of the Ancient, receiving a new color pallete. The blade is also slightly thicker.

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