Mekki-Maru, as it appears in Soul Edge/Soul Blade.
General Information
Wielder Taki
Weapon Type Kodachi
Power 8/10
Defense 3/10
Strength 6/10
Durability 7/10
Weight 6/10

Mekkimaru (滅鬼丸 lit. "Extinguish of the Demon Circle") is one of Taki's weapons in Soul Edge.

It is a powerful weapon, but has the disadvantage in that it drains Taki's energy during battle, but it cannot cause a K.O. on its own.

It becomes Taki's standard weapon alongside Rekki-Maru in the Soul series. From then on it is spelled "Mekki-Maru", and plays a critical role in Taki's storyline.

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