Meimei concept from Soul Edge.

In this Chinese name, the family name is Li (李).

Li Meimei (リ・メイメイ; Chinese: 李美美, Lǐ Měiměi) is Li Long's sister and Ming's Maid of Honor.


She has been close friends with Chai Xianghua since childhood. She asked Xianghua, before her departure to search for the Soul Edge, to check on Li Long's health, since he never returned after his mission in Japan.


  • Meimei made an appearance in the non-canonical manga (Volumes 2-3).
  • In the manga, Meimei was killed by a Lizardman during an ambush. However, this is not mentioned in any canon sources for the games themselves. She is also not listed among the deceased characters in New Legends of Project Soul.
  • "Meimei" in Mandarin Chinese translates to "younger sister".


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