New Characters


  • master Robo-man - Robo-Sword & Mini laser Blade
  • Monkaru "Monk" Axonnor - Ice Calibur & Alpha Shield
  • Omegarus - Big Techno-Mace
  • Otorius "Phoenix" Akarov - Fire Scepter
  • Spirets - Russian sword, Handguards & Crystal Restoration


  • Demon-man - Demonic Heritage
  • Robo-metal - Laser Blades in hands
  • Dargarus - Big Techno-Ax
  • Dalim - Dark Syi Salika & Black Loka Luha
  • MetalMonk Ver.1.0 - Laser Sword & Delta Shield

Neutral Evil

  • Robo-Evil - Dark Power & Flying Irkalla II
  • Dark Ace - Hand axes
  • Blood - Blood Blade
  • Robo-Evil-OverLord (Final Boss) - All Power, Soul Embrace
  • MetalMonk Ver.2.0 = Inferno - All Weapons

Secret Characters

  • Robo-Iron - Elbow puncher
  • (Five more characters)

(Character design on this link)



  • master Robo-Man (Leader)
  • Omegarus
  • Monkaru "Monk" Axonnor
  • Talim (New Member)
  • Otorius "Phoenix" Akarov

Dark Arm - The Demons Brotherhood

  • Demon-man (Leader)
  • Robo-Metal
  • Dargarus
  • Dalim
  • MetalMonk Ver.1.0 (Traitor)

Chaos of Akuruka

  • Robo-Evil (Leader)
  • Dark Ace
  • Blood

New Stages

  • Garden Of The Dragon (Robo-man's Stage)
  • Ice Castle (Monk's Stage)
  • New Coliseum (Omega's Stage)
  • Burning Villa - Garden (Pheonix's Stage)
  • Russia - a street of Kiev (Spirets's Stage)
  • Black Shadow Ship - Mine Arena (Demon-man's Stage)
  • Black Shadow Ship - Air Platinum (Robo-Metal's Stage)
  • Derelict Laboratory (Dargarus's Stage)
  • Volcanic Island (Dalim's Stage)
  • The Secret Laboratory - Library of Mutants (MetalMonk Ver.1.0 Stage)
  • Akuruka Castle - Throne Room (Robo-Evil's Stage)
  • Akuruka Castle - Gates in Silence (Dark Ace's Stage)
  • Akuruka Castle - The road to Hell (Blood's Stage)
  • Akuruka Tower - Chaos (Robo-Evil-OverLord's Stage)

Battle Modes

  • Story Mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Team Battle - arcade, versus
  • Tag Battle - arcade, Versus, survival
  • Adventure Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Ghost Battle
  • Time Atteck
  • Tournament Mode

Singular ideas

  • Secret Characters - When the player performs some achievement, there is secret characters and gives the player the task (Example: Win Nightmare on its stage, using only kicks) after the task secret characters appears right at the Arena and the player must defeat him. After the victory secret characters unlocked becomes available to the player
  • Separation Games Chapters(Season) - this is a season, each of which tells its story. A total of 5 (first on the disk, other DLC).
  • Rank score - If you play a lot of favorite characters, its style rise up in rank (Like Tekken) (from beginner to God Warrior)
  • Arcade versions of classic games - on the disc will be a bonus - the arcade game version of SE, SC and SCII

For more information, ask the author

His Contacts:

  • Skype - ROBOMAN-7
  • Steam - ROBONIK123
  • Gmail -

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