Kung Fu is the original self-defense that was created from the age of history since the first creator from the art of "Taoism" called as Yin Yang is the circles of energies..

The legend who called his self-defense "Bruce Lee" was the first person who introduced his self-defense from his country called "Chinese Kung Fu"(In the early age in seattle, only knows Karate besides Kung Fu). In the years past until the present, this is how the evolution of the "Kung Fu" verb changes:

Chinese Kung Fu(Early Age) => Kung Fu(Dictionary Existence)

"It was said that Kung Fu is known as Arts, that was said from China Citizens"

Chinese Arts(a.k.a Kung Fu) => Martial Arts(Present Words)

                                                                                                                      ERICARD, the author of the page. 


  • In the art of Taoism, Yin Yang is used to be Black and White. It was said that Yin(Black) is for Offense and Yang(White) is for Defense.
  • Although Bruce Lee is the legend, but his appearance and skill still exist in the game called "TEKKEN" using the 3D character, Marshall Law and his weapon skills based from the Legend of Inosanto (Inosanto resembles his art to Bruce Lee, after the funeral) Nunchuck skill exist in the game called "Souledge" and "Soulcalibur".
  • Souledge is the first fighting game that contain 3D elements of Nunchuck style.

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