Margaret Schtauffen was the mother of Siegfried and the widow of Frederick Schtauffen. Not much is known about her, aside from being mentioned in Siegfried's profile and Soul Edge storyline.

After Siegfried temporarily broke free of Soul Edge's influence, he returned home and overheard Margaret praying for the safety of him and his father. It was then he realized he wasn't ready to return to her yet.

After the events of Soulcalibur IV, she was reunited with her son. Unfortunately, her poor health begun to take it's toll on her. She was only able to spend two short years with her son before passed away under the tender care of Siegfried and Salia


  • Revealed in Soulcalibur IV, Frederick has brown hair which indicates that Siegfried may have inherited his blonde hair from his mother.
    • Even if both the parents have brown hair, their children may have blonde hair if one of their grandparents has blonde hair.
  • Margaret appears to have some sort of connection to Dampierre, due to the expanded Japanese Soul Chain on the Broken Destiny developer's blog mentioning that Dampierre was in love with a woman named 'Margaret'. In addition, some of Dampierre's moves mention the name 'Margaret'. This could also be another woman, not necessarily Siegfried's mother.

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