Soul Calibur New Legends Of Project Soul 014

Malfestation and the Malfested

A Malfested (referred to as Evils in the Japanese version) is a being corrupted by the power of Soul Edge. They serve as the primary antagonists in the Soul series. Initially thought to have been created by the Evil Seed, it is later revealed that the Evil Seed merely transformed them from humans into monsters. In Soulcalibur Legends, Malfested initially were on the side of the Ottoman Empire, but after the defeat of Barbaros, they joined the Masked Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Malfested that protect shards of Soul Edge are known as Guardians. Lizardman and Dragon are both types of Malfested.


Malfestation is caused by Soul Edge's curse. It is regarded as a type of cancer, or even an entirely new parasitic organism. However it causes enchanced physical abilities among it's victims, and can cause victims to mutate into more powerful states of being when they experience intense emotion. It can also causes some victims to gain what appears to be some kind of immortality.

The traits gained by the victims are possibly based on their personality and physique, as Tira may have stopped aging due to being part of a clan that valued survival above all else. Male Malfested often display physical transformations while females generally don't, though exceptions like Pyrrha Omega exist.

Malfested animals that act as minions for Soul Edge are known as Watchers. Cervantes' shark, Nightmare's hawk, and Tira's crows are examples of Watchers.


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