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Scr 40666
Birthplace Fu-Ma no Sato, Japan (presumed)
Birthdate Unknown
Age 16
Height 5'2" (158cm)
Weight Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Weapon Rod
Weapon name Unknown
Fighting style Unknown
Family Master, Toki

Partner, Geki

Appears in Soulcalibur Legends
First game Soulcalibur Legends
Japanese voice actor Yukie Maeda

Maki (マキ, also read as 摩希) is a boss character who only appears in Soulcalibur Legends. She is the counterpart of Geki, and she fights alongside him during his second and third battles. Maki is a Fu-Ma ninja, and after coming in contact with a shard of Soul Edge, she and Geki became Guardians. She wields a red staff with a mace-like object at each end. She was mutated by the power of Soul Edge, with purple skin, pointed ears, while her right leg resembles Nightmare's mutated arm.

While she appeared in Soulcalbur Legends, a noncanon entry, she is considered a canon character. However, there is no mention of her malfested state outside of Legends.


Maki always battles alongside Geki, so she is a tough opponent due to the amount of attacks performed by her and her counterpart.

She uses a Bo Staff just like Kilik, and her attacks resemble his attacks. She can create tornadoes to protect her and send them to the enemy. By the time the player takes the first attack, it's very easy to take the two later, so the player must always run through the arena to avoid the tornadoes.

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