Ludovigo is a character in the Soulcalibur series of games. He is a young, blond man with a sword. He is one of Dampierre's henchmen and is referenced in Dampierre's profile as Ludovigo of the Broken Demonic Sword.

Before he became Dampierre's subordinate, he originally worked with Alphard until Dampierre sold them out and brought them to his side. During their business in Toledo, it was Ludovigo whom first met Gisele and her uncle in trying to sell a forged art piece, and from there Dampierre took over the negotiations. Later while looking for a hidden treasure in Florence, Dampierre had him cut through floorboards in an old mansion to find it, though his efforts served to cause the floor to collapse beneath the three of them, where they found the treasure they sought.

His shy and plain demeanor often works to his advantage, allowing him to sneak up to his targets more easily.


  • Ludovigo makes an appearance in Dampierre's Critical Finish. He is seen disguised as the doctor Dampierre is allegedly supposed to pay for his daughter's treatment.[1]
  • Ludovigo specializes in assassinations.
  • Ludovigo makes an appearence as an enemy fighter in the mobile game Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Soul.


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