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Lord Krano first appeared as a user created character in Soul Cailbur 4. He fights using Siegfried's style and uses an ancient black two-handed sword. He leads a small kingdom he united from several bandit clans.


Born as the third son of a Baron in England, Krano ran away from his home at an early age. He joined a company of Landschneckt Mercenaries as the Standard Bearer, but quickly earned a place among the warriors. It was here that he learned to fight with a two-handed sword, and where he acquired the helmet he still uses. While defending a small kingdom in Northern Germany, the mercenary company was decimated by The Azure Knight.

Krano tried to stop The Azure Knight, but was hit off the bridge into the castle's shallow moat. Krano was the only one to survive, as his courage failed him, and he hid under the castle's bridge while The Knight killed his friends. He found a piece of The Knight's armor among his dead friends and used it to repair the wound he had received during the battle.

Kingdom of Krano

After his defeat at the hands of The Azure Knight Krano set off to find a way to become invincible. Ignoring the legends of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge as childish superstition, he entered the service of a mysterious woman who claimed to know the secret to immortality. After several years of helping her, he realized that she was playing him for a fool. As he was about to leave on his own again he was approached by a cloaked figure. The figure told him of a sword his master kept, one that, so it was said, stop the Reaper itself. He invaded his master's home, found the sword, and killed her. When he left the cloaked figure approached him again and revealed herself to be a guardian of the sword. She told him of the destiny the sword came with, to unite the outcasts of society into a powerful kingdom. Krano decided he liked the plan and immediately began tracking down bandits and thugs for his army. The promise of gold was enough to sway most and those he could not, he killed. Soon he had a large army at his command, and with the castle where he first met the Azure Knight as his headquarters, he became a king.

Battle of The Swords

Krano did not take a direct part in the battle between the two swords, however he did send forces to aid Wolfkrone against Soul Edge's monsters. He sent a compliment of Swordsmen, Berserkers, and his most prized advisor, a Seer who could read the future through the Stars.

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