Ling-Sheng Su Temple Ruin
Ling-Sheng Su Ruin
Background music The Evil Moon
Home to Seong Mi-na (SCIII)

The Ling-Sheng Su Temple, famous in the world of martial arts, is located deep within the Chinese mainland. A few years ago, this historic temple was suddenly destroyed. The influence of the Evil Seed, released by the Soul Edge in a land far to the west, drove the monks of the temple insane, they tore each other apart with their well-honed combat skills only to meet their end at the hands of an insane Kilik. When Kilik woke up, he was horrified, he saw his blood stained hands from his fellow monks. In this way, the proud Ling-Sheng Su temple vanished. The people who will live here dare not to approach this area, perhaps due to the abominable energies spread by the cursed sword. Seong Mi-na came here seeking deeper knowledge of the fighting techniques she had learned from her wandering master.

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