Lightsaber Senth
Wielder Darth Vader, The Apprentice, Yoda
Weapon type Lightsaber
Price Free
Attack 120, 110, 120
Defense 50, 40, 50
HP 40, 40, 40
Power 30, 0, 0
Impact 40, 0, 30
Boost 0, 40, 0
Gauge 0, 0, 30
Special 0, 30, 0]
Native skill Nullify Counter B, Magnet, Venom Fang B

Lightsaber Senth is one of Darth Vader, The Apprentice, and Yoda's weapons available by default in Soulcalibur IV. The stats of the weapon are different for each character. For Darth Vader, it has Nullify Counter B equipped by default as a skill, which gives players a chance of turning the opponent's counter-hit into a normal hit. For The Apprentice, it has Magnet equipped by default as a skill, which reduces knock down power for both the player and the opponent. And for Yoda, it has Venom Fang B equipped by default as a skill, which adds additional poison damage to a downed opponent which will stop when the opponent lands an attack or after a certain amount of time.



Senth, from the Aurebesh writing system.

The "Senth" in the Lightsaber's name comes from the Aurebesh writing system that has been featured in various Star Wars media.

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