Lethe (SCII)
Lethe as it appear in Soulcalibur II
General Information
Wielder Cervantes
Weapon Type Longsword and Pistol Sword
For sale in Extra Chapter 2
Price 9,800 Gold
"Legendary weapons. Wield them to discover their true power!"
— Weapon Gallery description

Lethe is one of Cervantes' weapons in Soulcalibur II. They are twin swords that are blue with a whitish tinge. 

Soul Calibur II

Offense: 150% Defense: 120%

Note: Each strike, successful or not, drain health. Throws do not drain health.

Description: Legendary twin swords. Those who grip these weapons find their heart rendered blank, unable to even remember who they are. They have acted as the final trap that put an end to many a quest. Those who wield this weapon are said to unleash its power by burning away their own lives.


  • They are Cervantes' only weapon in which he does not use Nirvana as his right hand weapon.
  • In William Shakespeares' tragedy Julius Caesar, the word Lethe is mentioned in a sidenote with the meaning "a river of the underworld." It is, in fact, a river in Greek mythology, located in Hades. It is said that all who drink from the river experience complete forgetfulness. "Lethe" derives from Greek word "Λήθη" which can be used to mean lethargy (gr.λήθαργος), forgetfulness or oblivion.
  • Uniquely, the Limia River in Spain was said to have the same memory-erasing properites of the weapon Lethe.

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