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Legendary Souls is a new mode found in Soulcalibur V which is essentially a boss rush. You fight 7 of the series' most notable protagonists and bosses who either have special conditions or utilize special costumes that so far are unusable within the game. Each opponent is set to a secret difficulty that is higher than even Very Hard, akin to the Ultra Hard and Edge Master difficulties of previous games.


  • Stage 1: Kilik (Locked in Xiba's style throughout the match, meant to represent him using his original fighting style)
  • Stage 2: Nightmare (In his Soulcalibur IV form, wielding the complete version of Soul Edge)
  • Stage 3: Siegfried (As his young self from Soulcalibur IV, wielding the complete version of Soul Calibur)
  • Stage 4: Cervantes (In his 2nd costume but with darker colors and a flaming aura around himself extending to his face, which is now nothing more than a shapeless mass of flames with eerie, glowing eyes and an evil grin. Wields his The Master variant of Acheron and Nirvana. Meant to resemble Inferno, his form as the final boss of Soul Edge)
  • Stage 5: Edge Master (Locked in α Patroklos' style)
  • Stage 6: Elysium (Locked in Pyrrha Ω's style, meant to represent herself being an image of Sophitia)
  • Stage 7: Algol (Previous boss from Soul Calibur IV's Story Mode & Tower of Lost Souls)


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