The Lance style is one of the various weapons created for Character Creation in Chronicles of the Sword mode in Soul Calibur III. It is available for the Knight class and, along with every other style, the Swordmaster class. The character wields a long, metal lance, somehow hefting it as if it were weightless (some moves, for example, include the character jabbing the lance with only one hand on the end of it). The moveset is based primarily around thrusting attacks (similar to Kilik), with a couple of short-range slicing attacks if the enemy pushes close. While the set lacks variety, the moves included, as well as the long-range nature of the style, are deadly.

The range of the lance is greater than all other weapons in the Soul series. Utilizing this, Knights using the Lance style attempt to keep their opponent as far away from them as possible, especially those with swords or other melee weapons. Many of the moves are relatively slow to execute, so a fast opponent would easily be able to rush and counter an inexperienced Knight.

Many notable characters in the Chronicles of the Sword campaign wield lances, including Girardot and Aeneas.


  • One of the weapons able to be selected is called "Pilum Muralis", named after a type of lance used by the Roman Empire.

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