Lambent Viper (SCII)
Lambent Viper
Lambent Viper as it appear in Soulcalibur II
General Information
Wielder Necrid
Weapon Type Enigma
For sale in Chapter 4, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 9, Subchapter 3
Price 2,200 Gold

Lambent Viper is one of Necrid's weapons featured in Soulcalibur II.

Weapon Gallery

A mysterious phenomenon that appears to be electrical in nature, it has been observed at various locations throughout the world. A notorious omen of death, it hovers through the air emitting a cold light, and any contact with it will drain all heat from its victims.

In-game characteristics

In-game, Lambent Viper appears as a silver color swap of Maleficus. While it lacks in defense, it makes up for in powerful singular attacks.

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