Kuzukiri & Awayuuki
NT p1
Wielder Natsu
Weapon type Dual Kodachi

Kuzukiri & Awayuuki are Natsu's primary weapons in Soulcalibur V.

The Fu-Ma clan have produced multiple weapons in order to fight demons. After being crafted, the weapons are brought to Chie, the Fu-Ma clan leader, and infused with spiritual energy. These particular weapons were crafted by Taki

Due to this, these weapons are incredibly precious to Natsu, as they have been created by her master and adoptive mother. Kazukiri and Awayuuki are the names of popular sweets in the Fu-Ma settlement. Natsu made decorative additions to both weapons by using skills which she had observed by watching Taki work at the forge.

When she had noticed the 'improvements' made to the weapons, the usually calm and patient Chie scolded Natsu. However, Taki came to Natsu's defense, telling Chie that this was a way for Natsu to express herself. 

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