Kunpaetku Shrine Ruin
Kunpaektu Shrine
Background music Bred from the Gap
Home to Astaroth (SCIII)

Beneath an unknown desert existed a cult that worshiped a god of destruction named Palgaea. Their temple, long used in secret activities throughout history, is now nothing more than a crumbled ruin. The grand priest Kunpaetku, while foolishly attempting to obtain the power of a God, received an oracle and created Astaroth. Astaroth then destroyed the temple. That golem's true master was not its creator, the grand priest, but the god of destruction, Palgaea. The God, known as Ares to the Greeks, was filled with anger. The God's anger exploded, and only a very select few managed to escape.

The bizarre statue that bore witness to these events stands silently, showing only its crumbled form to those who visit this ruin...


  • This stage is also called "Slip Out" in VS Special.

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