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Kunlun Bamboo (SCIII)
Wielder Hualin
Weapon type Staff
Price 90,000 Gold
Special Effect #1 Increase attack power.
Special Effect #2 Increase defense power.
Special Effect #3 Increase attack pushback force.
Special Effect #4 Automatically Guard Break some attacks.
Kunlun Bamboo (SCII)
Wielder Kilik
Weapon type Staff
For sale in Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 7
Price 1,600 Gold

A staff made of bamboo which grows in the sacred Kunlun Mountains of western China. At first glance it appears to be a normal bamboo staff, but because it grows in sacred ground, it yields power to its wielder. Unfortunately, since it has not been modified for use as a weapon, it is not suited for stopping an opponent's blows.


  • Increase attack power. (130%)
  • Increase defense power. (120%)
  • Increase attack pushback force.
  • Automatically Guard Break some attacks.
  • Defeat Minlian in Chronicle 12, then purchase at the Weapon Shop.

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