Kaminoi Castle - Sakura-Dai Gate
Background music Brave Sword, Braver Soul
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Kaminoi Castle - Sakura-Dai Gate

Taki's Soulcalibur II stage, which consists of an ancient fortress ruins next to a mountain plateau. Taki shares this stage with no other character, but it is used by Mitsurugi and PlayStation 2-exclusive character Heihachi for their Weapon Demonstrations. The stage is covered in beautiful cherry blossom petals. It's profile states that the castle was abandoned by the new government of the unified Japan, who considered a more accessible location fitted best as a capital. It also says the place is believed to be haunted, and so no one comes close to its grounds.

Stage Bios

The Kaminoi Castle, built on a desolate mountain plateau, is an impregnable fortress. The castle's study walls and the beautiful cherry blossoms won high praises. But during the era of Japan's unification, the ruling government felt that an accessible location was more befitting for the capital, and thus this castle was eventually abandoned. The new era had no use for a remote fortress such as Kaminoi Castle.

Since the castle was in such remarkable condition even after it was long abandoned, rumors began to emerge about the grounds being haunted by ghosts. People have stayed far clear of the castle ever since.


  • This stage's background music is an available song on the Namco games, Taiko Drum Master and Donkey Konga.
  • It also appeared in Namco X Capcom
  • Simularities to the Soul Blade Soundtrack; "The Wind and The Clouds" can be heard at times.

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