Jurakudai Villa
Jurakudai Villa
Background music Ephemeral Dream
Home to Setsuka (SCIII)

The Jyurakudai Villa is a stage featured in Soulcalibur III, and is notably used by Setsuka.

"The blossoms of the cherry tree already fall like snow. What more can the wind ask of them?"

--Ohshikouchi no Mitsune This poem, recited in lament of the sight of fleeting cherry blossoms as they wilt away, comes from a bygone age of flowery aristocratic culture, when the capital city of Kyoto was once called "Heiankyo," meaning "capital of peace."

Time has since passed, and the world is now one of warriors. The land is ruled by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The dazzling Azuchi-Momoyama era is in full bloom.

Hideyoshi built his great citadel upon the remains of the imperial palace. This villa, too, with its fusion of the extravagant style of the time with the traditional beauty of the cherry blossom, parents an imposing grandeur which invites spectators into a dream-like world.

This mansion stands as a symbol of Toyotomi's power, yet it will face destruction within a mere ten years. The cherry trees, perhaps foreseeing its fate, perhaps not, continue to silently shed their petals into the wind...

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