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Juno was a Halteese soldier. She fought under Halphas' command in Chronicle 7 of the Chronicles of the Sword mode. She is most likely Halphas' second in command, fighting with him in the stronghold.

Juno appears in Soulcalibur IV in Tower of Lost Souls both Ascend & Descend mode but in Ascend mode she is under the floor "Iron Sword" using Siegfried's style teaming up with Astraia and Thetis. She has very low defense, and can sometimes be killed in one hit with certain attacks.

Soul Calibur IV Skills & Details

Soul Gauge Boost C

Charge Cancel

TOLS Floor Ascend Mode: Iron Sword

Voice: 2

Partners: Astraia & Thetis

Descend Mode: Floor 2-24 (Depending)

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