Jacqueline is one of Raphael's servants, who is also a playable character who fights with Duel Kodachi. She appears in Amy's ending, instead of Auguste along with Marienbard.

She reappears in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny in Chapter 9-1 up to Chapter 9-3, but she runs away sometime during Chapter 9-2 and returns in Chapter 9-3.

Jacqueline can be created in Soulcalibur IV but her equipment contains downloadable content in Character Creation.

Creation Formulas of Jacqueline in SCIV


Style: Taki

Weapon: Assassin Dagger

Physique: 0    Muscularity: 0

Female Voice 1   Pitch: 0

Hair: Jagged Layers

Female Face 7

Hair Color: Default

Eyebrows Color:



Facing off Raphael in his story Stage 1

Arabesque Band

Tight Shirt

Leather Trousers

Short Socks

Attack: 110%

Defense: 85%

HP: 75%

As Raphael's Servant

White Brim (DLC)

Lace Tie (DLC)

Kunoichi Tights

Palor Blouse


Apron Skirt (DLC)

Silver Boots

Attack: 114%

Defense: 94%

HP: 130%


0001 0001

Marienbard, Raphael and Jacqueline in Soulcalibur IV

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