Indian Port
Indian Port
Background music Sail Over the Storm (called "Across Stormy Seas" in-game)
Home to Maxi (SCIII)

A port town is a place where the pathways of land and sea meet. It is a crossroad where people both meet and part ways. It was here that Maxi and Kilik met four years ago. Maxi, together with Kilik, headed west to avenge his crew, who had been wiped out in a sudden attack by a strange horde monsters. Thus, this place could also be called the starting point on his pathway to revenge. On a cliff overlooking the east sea, a little way out from the city, stands a grave marker made from what appears to be the fragments of a Ryūkyū ship. In front of it, one can find a container of Ryūkyū wine. Will Maxi one day be able to tell his crew, sleeping beneath this unknown grave, that he has successfully avenged them?

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