Hoko Temple
Background music The Cursed Image
Home to Taki (SC)

Hoko Temple is a stage in Soulcalibur. It is Taki's home stage.

Taki's Soulcalibur stage. The stage is a large circular wooden area surrounded by Buddhist-themed signs and statues. Its profile states it was constructed in Kyoto in the 17th year of Tenshō (1589) under the proposal of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The temple was officially created to pray for the peace and stability of the nation. It is stated the temple is corrupted due to the materials used to built it: as Toyotomi used ancient cedar trees and melted confiscated swords to use in the Buddha statue. The destruction of the old-growth cedars was equivalent to the killing of an ancient life force. In addition, the blood of the victims killed by the weapons cursed the iron.

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