Henriksen, first appearing under the alias Mercenary Leader, is a character involved in the Quests of Soulcalibur: Lost Swords. He uses Siegfried's fighting style.


Henriksen is the leader of the mercenary group Sparhawk Wing, which is joined by the player. He sends the player in various missions in order to find information about Soul Edge's shards. When the player decides to leave the mercenary group, Henriksen reveals that he, like the player, is from another world as well.

He later fights against the player to enter the Astral Gate, but is defeated.


  • I can see the fear in your eyes.
  • So, you desire to fight.
  • This will... end it!
  • You're worthless.
  • You lack... resolve.
  • Wrong move!
  • Scared now?
  • It ends now.
  • Try again tomorrow. I'll gladly take you on.
  • Your convinction holds much promise.
  • Give it your all or don't bother showing up.
  • You're a disappointment.
  • Death is... your only release. - Taunt
  • I can't lose! - Ring Out
  • It's still too soon! - Ring Out
  • Watch closely. - Critical Edge
  • My specialty! - Critical Edge
  • Noooo!! - Guard Burst
  • Fate spoken. - Time's Up


  • Henriksen's voice is the "Veteran Knight" in Soul Calibur V
  • He can be re-created in Soul Calibur V, however he only has one unique equipment that isn't in Soul Calibur V, the "Paladin's Fauld".
  • Henriksen bears some resemblance to Girardot Argezas, from Soul Calibur III.

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