Biography== Hemme is an American girl that hails from the prairie village towns in Louisiana, USA. Nothing much is known of her as she lived a normal life with her family, until one day she ran into Raiga, a young outcast who was wanted by the colonist army for stealing their supplies and started a vicious riot against them. Somehow Hemme managed to help him escape and both them and Hemme's family left the country of America to travel the world to see new places, while on their travels, Hemme met Sophitia's sister Cassandra and she decided to train her in sword and shield combat lessons and Raiga was taught the art of Ling Sheng Su Bo Style arts by Kilik. After 7 years of training, Hemme was informed by Raiga that her family is been kidnapped by Nightmare's lackeys led by Strife and Chester and they threatened to kill them if both of them don't cooperate with them, Hemme and Raiga refused to go quietly and they headed on a journey to put a stop Strife's plans to kill her family.

Soul Calibur III

Hemme's family was captured by Chester of the Grandall Empire, so she and Raiga joined the Arthias Rebellion led by former Anti-Rebellion Commander Chad Striker to combat the Grandall army.

And so her journey begins with a twist....

She and Raiga successfully helped Chad Striker defeat Emperor Strife and rescued her family, after Arthias was victorious and Grandall Empire fell, Hemme and Raiga got married and lived a happy life together.

Soul Calibur IV

As Hemme and Raiga were enjoying their peaceful life together in the village town of New Orleans, Louisiana, the happy moment ended when the Tower of Rememberance erupted from the ground which caused monsters to appear from the ground and started causing a rampage in Hemme's village, slaughting innocent women and children, even the famers and workers were killed in the onslaught, but both Hemme and Raiga along with their African American slave friend Jirayuki Hendrix fought their way through the rampaging monsters and managed to escape. The three friends were traveling to Europe, they ran afoul with Raphael and his daughter Amy who was demanding them if they know about any info on Soul Edge, Hemme refused to open her mouth to tell them and a battle ensues. Jirayuki and Raiga fought Amy and Raphael's lackeys while Hemme fought the witting Vampire himself, Raphael was a deadly foe, but Hemme and her husband managed to defeat him. After the confrontation, the three travelers headed to Osthrienburg to investigate clues about the cursed sword Soul Edge, they were suddenly attacked by Nightmare's servants Azola and Voldo

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