Hatsuko Toriyuki is a character that makes her first appearance on Soulcalibur V. She is the 19 year old daughter of the ronin and strategist Retsuyama Toriyuki and the self-defense teacher Neve who goes on a quest with her friends to destroy Soul Edge and the Malfested that led a chaotic skirmish in her village and save her father and fellow villagers that were kidnapped by Nightmare and Voldo.

In Soul Calibur V, what lies in her soul is Kindness.

In Soul Calibur V's promotional material, she is referred as The Peasant Swordwoman.


Charmaine Hatsuko Toriyuki is the half Japanese, half Portuguese daughter of a Japanese ronin named Retsuyama Toriyuki who fell in love and married the self-defence teacher Neve (who is also known as Setsuka) whom he met in his travels. She was born in the country of Istanbul when Neve gave birth to her and grew up in the village of Igashikage located in Japan to work as a farmer. During that time, Hatsuko met and befriended another female peasant named Miyuki Chiba who introduced Hatsuko to five of her other peasant friends named whose names were Daisuke Hinomori, Rin Chigosuke, Bangotsu Tamaki, Tomakiyo Segawa, and Shiori Matsuda. Hatsuko has began to grow close towards her new best friends and also got romantically involved with Daisuke Hinomori, who began to develop deep feelings for her which led Hatsuko to fall in love with him. But one day, an large army of
Hatsuko Toriyuki

Hatsuko Toriyuki

malfested soldiers led by Graf Dumas (who is really the Azure Knight Nightmare) launched an all out siege at the Igashikage village by attacking and slaughtering the innocent farmers and villagers in their path, burning down the peasants' homes, and they even went far to kidnapping the women and children in order to accused them as the malfested and burn them alive. The malfested soldiers soon caught glimspe of Hatsuko and lunged out to attack her which caused them to be cut down by Retsuyama who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, Retsuyama fought the malfested soldiers and took them out one by one with his daughter assisting him in the fight. Their victory was short lived when Dumas appeared before them and started to transform into Nightmare, the ronin and his daughter readied their weapons and charged at him head on but the Azure Knight was too strong against the both of them as he overwhelms both Retsuyama and Hatsuko with devastating and grave attacks with the cursed sword Soul Edge until Nightmare delivers a fatal death blow slash, causing Hatsuko to fly backwards against the wall and fall unconscious to the ground and Retsuyama staggers to ground while suffering grave wounds which led him to be captured by the Azure knight and his minions. As the news about the chaotic skirmish at Igashikage village spread throughout Japan the next morning, Hatsuko wakes up to find herself on the floor inside a village hut and sees her 5 best friends and her boyfriend Daisuke sitting right besides her. Daisuke eventually tells Hatsuko that he, Miyuki, and Bangotsu managed to save her and fight off the malfested soldiers before they could take her to Denevér Castle, and it is revealed that Daisuke, Miyuki, Bangotsu, Rin, Tomakiyo, and Shiori were also trained in the art of Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battōjyutsu by Hatsuko's mother Neve while Retsuyama taught his daughter the art of Toriyuki Ryu Iaijutsu. Miyuki explains to Hatsuko that Neve taught them her fighting style because she believes that they use their sword skills to save and protect human lives from the malfested not only in Japan, but in other foreign countries as well. Having heard and understood her best friend's words, Hatsuko is suddenly determined to not only destroy the cursed sword Soul Edge, but to slay Nightmare and save her father Retsuyama and the women and children that are being held captive by him. With her Iai Blade in her hand, Hatsuko and her friends heads out on a journey to slay the Azure Knight, destroy both the spirit sword Soul Calibur and the cursed sword Soul Edge, and save the world.


  • The half Japanese, half Portuguese daughter of the ronin strategist Retsuyama Toriyuki and self-defence teacher Neve.
  • Is best friends with fellow Japanese peasants Miyuki Chiba, Bangotsu Tamaki, Rin Chigosuke, Shiori Matsuda, and Tomakiyo Segawa.
  • Was gravely wounded by Nightmare when he attacked both her and Retsuyama which led the latter's father to be captured.
  • Embarks on a quest with her friends to destroy Nightmare and Soul Edge and save her father Retsuyama.


Hatsuko is an kind hearted and easygoing young woman who want protect her friends and innocent people from harm's way. She helps her fellow villagers tend the crops to the fields and she is also friendly towards the children of Igashikage village who see Hatsuko as a big sister figure to them, but after her village was attacked by a large army of malfested soldiers led by Nightmare, Hatsuko holds a strong determination to destroy Soul Edge and the Azure Knight who wields it and save her father and the world.


Since Hatsuko is born of half Japanese and half Portuguese decent, she has on a simple villager outfit that is combination of Italian, British and Japanese clothing. She wears a white and sky blue village cotton shirt and has on pink embroidered drawers on her lower body, she also wears white thighighs and has on villager sandals on her feet. On her lower waist is a pair of lower Japanese armor called a Kusazuri and she sports brown hair tied up in a ponytail that she covers up in a bandana.


Light of Guidance

Light of Guidance is an iai blade that Hatsuko uses during her travels and while fighting Nightmare when he ravaged her village, this weapon has incredible healing powers and can heal its user when they severely wounded during battle. The Light of Guidance blade also unleashes powerful light elemental attacks and disintegrate any form of evil that comes into contact with it.

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