Harbour of Souls
Indian Port2
Background music Sail Over the Storm
Home to Maxi (SC)

Harbour of Souls is a stage in Soulcalibur. It is Maxi's home stage.

This was the Indian harbor Maxi and his crew visited to trade goods. In India the shore is a sacred place, so a stair terrace allows for travel to the water. The terrace, which is called a 'ghat', leads to the town with its maze of house, temples and narrow pathways. Visitors unfamiliar with the town are notorious for getting lost. For Maxi this gray sea became a place of destiny where his sworn brother Kyam and shipmates were massacred. Maxi swore revenge on Astaroth as he stared at his ship in the distance sunken by the monster.

(Note: Known as Indian Port on the Arcade)


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