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Great Ax
Wielder Rock
Weapon type Battle Axe
Power 10/10
Defense 4/10
Strength 8/10
Durability 10/10
Weight 4/10

Great Ax is one of Rock's weapons in Soul Blade.

Soulcalibur II

The great ax is a large ax held only by Berserker in Soulcalibur II. This, along with the fact that Berserker has a mixture of Rock's and Astaroth's moves, and even has Rock's battle stance, lead to a short-lived rumour that Berserker was Rock, hiding his identity. It is similar to Astaroth's large basic ax, and it has the power of a basic weapon.

Since it's only seen in Berserker's hands, the weapon eventually consists a job mixture of Barbarian and Gladiator for Berserker.

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