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Grand Labyrinth

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Grand Labyrinth
Grand Labyrinth
Background music Labyrinth of Moonlight
Home to Olcadan (SCIII)

Buried on the coast of the Black Sea lie the forgotten ruins of a gigantic stone structure, the Grand Labyrinth. Olcadan had once been imprisoned in this place by a curse of a God, but its entrance is now open due to the influence of the Evil Seed.

Nevertheless, it is not a place to be taken lightly. Its twisting passageways confuse the sense of direction, and the dark, wet atmosphere induces a primal fear in those who enter.

Those who constructed this labyrinth have long since disappeared from the earth, and there is no way to know for what purpose it was built. But supposedly, this place was known to them as the "end of the earth," and, to them, this underground labyrinth may have perhaps been the kingdom of death --the land of the Gods.

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