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Fuma clan

Taki and Toki with the Fu-Ma Ninja clan

For the generic character, see Fu-Ma Ninja.

The Fu-Ma Ninja (封魔忍軍 Fū-Ma Nin-gun) is a clan that was once lead by Toki (Taki's former master), and beforehand, alongside Hachibei. Fu-Ma Ninja are capable fighters in both unarmed and armed combat, as well as demon hunters. The Fu-Ma Ninja's role in most iterations of the Soul franchise was to capture Taki and bring her back alive.

In Soulcalibur V, Natsu's profile states that Chie, Hachibei's daughter, is the new leader of the Fu-Ma Ninja clan.

In Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, during some Quests, they are a great faction which guards a powerful Demon blade, which is thought by the player to be associated with Soul Edge. They are also shown to be enemies of the mysterious Wilhelmina and the Flyaway Falcon clan of assassins.

The Fu-Ma clan is comprised of different factions, each with their own duties and role. The Inobe Faction specializes in creating weapons and equipment specifically for anti-demon operations. The Fujibe Faction is the combat faction, specializing in fighting and sealing demons. During Toki's time as leader, he created the Yasunobe Faction, to act as his main enforcers within the clan.

After Toki's death and the Yasunobe Faction's dissolvement, Chie created the Imashibe Faction to act a defense force and maintain order within the clan itself.

There is also the secret Urabe Faction, charged with the duty of killing the current Fu-Ma leader if they are judged to be acting against the clan's best interests. During Chie's rule, the Urabe Faction never needed to take action.


Leader: Chie

Former Leader: Toki (Deceased)

Inobe Faction

  • Elder Fuki
  • Enkai
  • Chiki
  • Kiki
  • Takeshina
  • Misuzume
  • Kanra
  • Ikari
  • Furushiba
  • Hakushiro

Fujibe Faction

Imashibe Faction

Yasunobe Faction (Disbanded)

  • Doki (Deceased)
  • Gaki (Deceased)
  • Suhaku (Deceased)
  • Kazuki (Deceased)
  • Yamikaze
  • Isurugi


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