weapon: sythe

weapon name: reaver

style: onslaught(always attack never guard)

Grim was once a great fighter in the lakeside colisem. he killed every opponent so quickly that the crowd started calling him the Grim reaper. soon after he got this nickname Grim started taking on more and more fighters per match. eventually he was fighting 20 men at a time. but this all ended when a newcomer, named Rock, knocked him out with one swing of his hammer. after this humiliating defeat Grim never showed his face in the arena agian. he wanderd from town to town, loking for a way to become unbeateble. 5 years later he heard about soul edge. is this what he was looking for? he asked around for more information. everyone told him the same thing "soul edge is a giant blade of immeasurable power" .he searched and searched until he found a strange man with a sythe. the man told him to forget about soul edge. he told him that he would make him immortal if he wold abandon his search. Grim quickly agreed, perhaps a little too quickly for he didn't hear the man's warning. the man mumbled something that Grim couldent understand and all of a sudden Grim doubled over and fainted.when he awoke Grim set out to find someone to fight. he found a group of tough looking thugs and challenged them to a fight. after he killed them he was extremely tired and he felt a strange hunger. it was not for food but something else. with a gasp he realized that his hunger was for souls! he turned to the bodies and devouerd there souls. he then set out to find rock and take his soul.


  • your time has come!
  • you are not Rock! this is a waste of my time!
  • tell me if you see a white light. hahahahaha!
  • is your life flashing before your eyes? how was it?
  • listen. why don't you save us both a lot of trouble and let me kill you.
  • say hello to the devil for me.
  • your taking a one way trip to hell. Bon voyage!
  • have a nice afterlife...NOT! hahaahaaa
  • see you in the afterlife. oh wait no I won't.
  • Rock! I'm coming for you!
  • no! I-I I cant die...ugh...I am death yeeeeaaaaaaaarg
  • (when he fights rock) REVENGE!!!!!!
  • I have come for your soul!

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