this is a fan game with all every fighter in Soulcalibur

here are the characters

  • Cervantes - Long-Sword and Pistol sword
  • Hwang - Chinese Blade
  • Mitsurugi - Katana
  • Rock - Battle Axe
  • Seong Mi-na - Zanbatou
  • Siegfried - Zweihänder
  • Sophitia - Sword and Shield
  • Taki - Dual Kodachis
  • Voldo - Dual Katars
  • Inferno -Soul Edge(zweihander type)in the first round but second random type(originally Soul Edge from Soul Blade but using his own body not Cervantes)


here are the guest characters===



Link - sword & shield


Shadow-black arms sword

Cloud-buster sword

PlayStation 3


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