The Guest Character From DJ Stormtali's Upcoming Manga Series


Hellhound Is A Guest Character From The Upcoming Manga series being created by DJ Stormtali (Who Is Also A New Music Artist Who Is Working On An Album Called Ultra Magnetic)


Hellhound.... A Demonic Werewolf Protecting The Planet From Madness And Chaos From Both Heaven And Hell and of course Keep Government issues under control from the rebellious Mr. Ratchet Of Ratchet Industries. One Night Hellhound Sensed A Disturbance Between The Time frames A Clash between Good And Evil (Obivously Soul Calibur And Soul Edge) Trasher Gives Him An Assignment To Bring The Two Swords To Him

Hellhound Went To The Past To Claim the swords but he gets attacked by various characters and the one who was wanting both of them.... Raphael of course. After Hellhound Defeats Him... He Gets transported to the place where Algol Awaits And Then They Clashed

Spoiler warning

After Hellhound Defeats Algol.... Algol Tries To attack but gets sliced in half by Hellhounds Claws Dropping Both Swords In The Process.... as Hellhound was returning to his own time he had second thoughts on what he wanted to do with the swords. As Hellhound Came Back Trasher Demanded The Swords But Hellhound Heroic And Anti Heroic As He Is, Absorbed Their Power Through His Hell's Arms Gauntlet and then They both Clashed and Hellhound Won The Battle And Hellhound Brought Justice and Peace To A Whole New Level.


Weapons: Claws And Hell's Arms, Darkness To Light, Through The Loop, Cry Thunder (Named After A Dragonforce Song), Soul Calibur And Soul Edge (Hellhound's Normal Weapon Style infused with both their powers) (Note Some Of The moves he uses other weapons like a variety of guns Ranging From a Handgun (Weakest) TO A Laser Cannon (Strongest)


You're pissing me off

Got no time for this

Trying to piss me off

Said you're prayers

You Picked The Wrong Day to Mess with me!

Son Of A Bitch!

Get The Hell Out Before I Change My Mind!

Evil Laughter 1

Evil Laughter 2

I'll crush you!

Last chance to get the hell out of my face

Trasher and Satan Just You wait

Wanna Die!

Sarah..... Is There Still Hope

You Know About The Two Swords

You.... Answer Me

Now Let's find out what you know

I don't think so bub (Cutscene For Ending)


Damn (Damage 1)

Shit (Damage 2)

Aw Hells Bells (Death Cry)

All Of The Usual Attack Number Sounds For Most Characters

Get A Load Of.... (When His Finisher Is First Activated)

This! (When He Finshes His Finisher On The Opponent)



This Can't Be!

This Is Pissing Me Off!

So This Is Soul Calibur And Soul Edge.... Hmph Looks Like Something that bastard Wants!

There.... You Happy!

Breathe 1

Breathe 2

Breathe 3

Funny I Don't Remember having a twin (Vs Himself When A Computer Or A Multiplayer)

Agreed There Can Be Only One Hellhound (Vs Himself When A Computer Or A Multiplayer)

All OF The Other Usual Death Cries Sounds For Most Of The Characters


Depths Of Hell
LAVA TEMPLE by hoaxone

The Design Template For Hellhound's Stage

A Fiery Stage Where A Platform Moves Around The Temple where Ring Outs Are Available Here And Then (If You 1 victory and then the opponent gets one or if the options for stage fight numbers are set differently) The Temple Doors Open And Then You're On A Floating Platform Where Its Riding Lava And The Ability to do ring outs are still available because of surrounding lava

Hellhound's Theme

A Song Composed By NemesisTheory Named Rising Sun Is The Theme For Hellhound (Note: if you guys don't know who NemesisTheory is Check her out @ this link: NemesisTheory)

Hellhound's Theme When He Fights Himself

Pump Panel's Re-Mover Is The Theme When Hellhound Fights A Doppelganger Or Look-Alike Version Of Himself

Hellhound's Finisher: Oblivion's Judgement

Hellhound Jumps Up In The Air And He Unleashes A Hord Of Hellhounds And Then He Aims His Laser Cannon Equipped with powerful energies from both Satan And God And Shoots At The Opponent and Blows The Opponent and the Hordes To Dust and then he lands back on the ground after the Finisher Is Resided

Stormtali 16:38, June 3, 2012 (UTC)

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