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Lavender sky
Sc4 custom character io 2nd by amurderofcrowws-d3bdkcd
Birthplace Germany
Birthdate April 21,1576
Age 18
Weapon Princess of life
Fighting style similars to talims, but is more faster and moves are more advanced

mother, three young sisters and brothers and father

Appears in Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur 3

soulcalbur: broken destiny

First game Soulcalibur IV
English voice actor Molly Lyn
Japanese voice actor Kikiyo mani

Lavender is a character from sc series. Shes a very sensitive person when it comes to her family loyalty.

shes very kind-hearted and self-centered. She loves to sing and do her practicing.

what lies in her soul is love.


[show]*1 Personality and Character Overview


Lavender was only eleven when her father was sent to prison. Since her mother was cruel to her children she sold them into slavery. Lavender worked day and night for weeks at a time without food or bathing. One night her sister and brother woken her, her sister was effected by an evil sword called soul edge. her sister was nothing more than a rag doll, lifeless. Lavender had so much hate for the evil sword she wanted to stop it for good. At thirteen her sisters developement gotton worse, so her and A close friend Talim began to search for the sword.

"I will not rest untill this sword is gone." she told talim, who agreed. stopping soul edge took five years. once she found it an evil man looked down opon her. he chuckled toward the small girl, she picked up her sword to attack, but he picked her up by the neck. he smiled, his eyes had contained evilness which scared Lavender paralyzed."Little girl, you are nothing but a puny human! muamuahahahaha!" he injected his sword inside of her stomach. Lavender felt a cold rip inside of her, her lungs were soon closing."Please...let me live." forced to say apon her breath, a whisper. the man chuckled, then dropped her onto the ground. "I let you live, if you be my bride." she had no other choise so she accepted right before passing out. when she woken up, her new husband forced her to work in his plantation. she worked twelve days and twelve nights. On the thirteenth day her husband brong in her new step daughter, her enemy Amy.Lavender did more work then ever before, and when she didn't do something right her husband would whip her.she found out she had blood poisoning and needed to see a doctor immediately. One day a young man known as Yung seong was hired to help her. they both fell inlove immediately. Yung seong planned to run away with her, so on a hot summer night he did as so. Lavender felt as if she was blessed. Until she goes back to her home land, she will spend time with her real husband.

Life into soul calibur IV

Lavender was happily married to her husband Yung seong. She had everything she wanted, a man in her life. On his birthday her husband Yung seong was packing up."where are you going????" she asked, bothered that he was leaving on his birthday. "Looking for soul edge, look i will be back." Yung seong saw the sadness in his wife's violet eyes. He felt he needed to make up and excuse. "I'm doing it for your sister! right...?" Yung seong asked. Lavender agreed to it, but didn't approve. instead she smiled and held her feelings behind her. The next day Yung seong left before Lavender awoke, this led her to terrible weeping. she cried and cried. She felt like no one cared for her. She came up with an idea, she dug up her old swords and began training. she was so good she was cocky for the first time of her life. She visited her old friend, Talim and both set out for their adventures.

"Are you doing this to search for yung seong?" Talim asked, she didn't respond in guilt.


Soulcalibur IV

Lavender walks toward Nightmares lifeless body.

"IS THIS THE MAN WHO RUINED MY SISTER?!" her voice rose to the top. Nightmare's sword cuts right into her ankle, she screams and collapse. the sword rises it self to her throat, her tears fall onto her chest. Just then Amy saves her from the evilness.

"Thankyou Amy." Amy turns around.

"Keep your friends close, but enemies closer." Amy smiles, then helps Maylina up. Talim waits for the two as the three walk away.


  • Princess of lite
  • Butterfly zone
  • golden spirit
  • Repunzel
  • Sunset
  • Curey
  • Broom
  • Sword


Critical Finish

Lavender grabes the opponet by their neck then slap them with her bare hand, while holding them she slams them on the ground brutally then stabs them in the stomach. a tear falls on the ground. she says50.9.6.173 06:19, February 9, 2011 (UTC)

" I am sorry, it had to go down like this."


The edge of a beautiful cliff (SC4)

A cliff of glory, a lonely cliff in the middle of no where.



Character Selection

  • Dear father....
  • Dear ....
  • I will pray for you.
  • I only kill if i have to
  • Looks like there's no other way.
  • My sword has the damage of a hundred kills.
  • To bad.
  • daddy do you hear me?
  • Arg...Amy!
  • get outta my way!
  • i am a goddess! hear my pride!
  • Amy prepare to go where your parents are,(When fighting against Amy in Story Mode)
  • Hahahha! your stupid
  • Little girl....
  • My my my look what we have hear
  • Dear buddah....i need you
  • shut up
  • awwwww im sorry
  • Hmmp! that's no way to treat a princess
  • Im....deing
  • i lost...
  • oh no
  • i let my soul down
  • shut!
  • up
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3!

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