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Tycane Valtyre Alturas (Pronounced Tie-Sain Vaul-teer-aye All-toor-ahs) was a naval mercenary captain and vigilante, who led his mercenary troupe 'The Nightingales' throughout western Europe, righting wrongs and saving those in need. He is a created fan-character in Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur IV, and Soul Calibur V (though his canonical-fanonical appearance was in V) and is owned by the user Unionhack.

What lies within his soul is Altruism.


Tycane was born in 1586, near Le Havre, France, as the youngest of two children to a renowned military captain named Chiraz Alturas. Growing up, Tycane seemed destined for the path of the musician, and he was rarely ever seen without some sort of instrument in his hand.

Tycane's view of the world was very joyous. As the son of a captain, he was rather well off, but his father kept him disciplined so that he would not turn out to be spoiled. Despite this, he viewed the world as safe and free of great misfortune; until he witnessed the assault on a young woman named Solaste in the streets of La Havre. Tycane sprung to the woman's defense, but was seriously injured before the assailants escaped. Solaste took Tycane in and treated his wounds, and returned with him to his father. Disappointed in his own failure to fight off the assailants, Tycane requested training in the martial arts instead of in music, and took to it like a natural.

Tycane started with a single longsword and a pistol at his hip, but eventually found himself to be quite proficient with a longsword in each hand due to his ambidexterity. He would train with Solaste, who was also receiving training after her assault, and both made great strides in their abilities.

By the age of 19, having won many dueling tournaments throughout his region, Tycane took off from his home with Solaste to find ways to apply their skills to the common good. Throughout western Europe, the duo recruited similar-minded individuals and formed the Nightingales, a loose-knit but loyal band of vigilantes of all kinds. The Nightingales wreaked havoc against the wicked in Western Europe and even in locations in Eurasia.

When he was 21, Tycane met three magic-wielding sages in what is now modern-day Ireland, and the three agreed to teach him the art of magic in return for a task for them; to kill a corrupted, possessed Judge who was condemning people injustly and without consequence in what is now present day-Germany. The Judge's original name was Aldrich, but after a long period of political corruption, Aldrich was possessed by a powerful demon named Saixer, and the demon used its own name in its new vessel. Tycane took the Nightingales, including his now-wife Solaste, to Germany and hounded Saixer, and eventually found him. The demon was seeking the cursed sword Soul Edge, and was letting no one stand in his way in his quest for domination over the human race. An all-out battle occurred between the Nightingales and Saixer's forces; and only one force shall be left standing.


Tycane is fiercely determined in stopping the suffering of others, and considers it his primary motive. His own being is expendable in his eyes when the life of another is in jeapordy, and his altruistic nature can lead to many people admiring him. It can also be a downfall when he is forced to make a difficult decision; something he struggles with greatly.

He is normally very laid-back and full of humor, and doesn't seem to care about much when he isn't off saving others. Despite being very hard to set off into anger, once angered Tycane can be very difficult to calm down.

Physical Appearance

Tycane has long, straight brown hair and deep blue eyes. He wears a black baihu coat with white and blue designs on it, and wears blackened silver armor on his shoulders, arms, and legs. His alternate costume is a slightly altered, recolored version of Patroklos' 1P outfit.

Fighting Style

Tycane shares a moveset with Cervantes, being a created character. His teleporting and kinetic abilities that let him warp and control his weapons come from his training with the magic sages.

In Soul Calibur 3, Tycane used the Chinese Blade discipline instead of Cervantes' style, which he uses in Soul Calibur 4 and 5.


The Master


Tranquil Wasteland


Son of Chriaz and Crysnia Alturas.

Older Brother of Lanluia Alturas.

Husband of Solaste Nilfrei.

Father of Jayke and Keimi Alturas.


Tycane's name is meant to sound fantasy-like and has no discernible real-world origins. His last name, Alturas, however, comes from the word 'Alturiak', which is the Dungeons and Dragons month of February; which is the month of Tycane's birth.

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