Tiaria was born in the Amazon jungle. She became a fighter of "The Wind". When 7 years old, she lost her parents in a fire. She ran into the jungle, but stumbles upon a dark figure with a big axe. It was Astaroth. Before astaroth could even make a move, Tiaria knocked him out cold. Talim then appeared, and asked her if she could come to Europe. Tiaria accepted. Now 9 years later, Talim is 15 and Tiaria is 16. Tiaria trains with Talim, and they are best of friends. But oblivious to Tiaria, someone was watching her. Since her departure from the Amazon.


She wears light green clothes, and uses Kunai. She is tall, but gentle. Has long green hair, green gloves, green eyes, green... everywhere. She is supposedbly to be "One with nature."


"May my blades, peirce your soul."

"I have failed yet again."

"Talim, let's dance!"

"Noooooo! I am the loser!"


Is it believed that Tira is Tiaria's step sister.

Tiaria is strong willed, but also is a coward.

Tiaria looks 21, but it's just her height.

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