Biography of Omega, The Holy Warrior

Lived in the beginning of the world, also his rival, Madare, also lived. Today, while he was living in peace, Madare called a large ambush. While in that ambush, his armor broke to pieces. his friend, Despereaxo, gave him a strange looking sword. Omega took the blade and went off...

But that sword made his Magic Cells spill to the floor, but one percent of Magic Cells was still in his body, but it also regained his Magic Cells and turned him into Symbiote Omega, giving him super speed. He also turned into 4 other modes that he can turn into, Noir, Future, Amazing, and the strongest one.

Symbiote Cell's Hidden Effects

Symbiote Cells was in the sword, taking it over, but Despereaxo was immune to the pesky effects of it. Although Omega did not see, Despereaxo's eyes was opposed to be blue, but they was purple because of a strange venom hidden inside it. Omega did not know this venom was inside this unknown sword that can destroy the world.

Into The Past, The Year Of His Family

The lone wolf gave him a strange glove, and Omega prayed that it wasn't another trap...

That glove turned him into Noir Symbiote Omega, giving him stealth and super speed. This past had criminals, thiefs, gunman, and other people that Omega did not like, so he went home quickly after.

But he had forgot his family was alive still at that time...

Present Time's Secret

It is known that the present has a secret hidden inside it. Omega found it, and it turned into Amazing Noir Symbiote Omega. He went to the top of the mountain to get it. It gave him super strength.

And he went in his family's house...

And it was completely blank.

Into 2099, The Future

At a time in the future, in a spike cave, billons of spikes hurled toward Omega.

And that almost killed him

Omega grabed the secret and it gave him spike ablitys...

He gets his strongest ablity...

Ultimate Tendrils

Omega has gotten all of the fragments.

But he has forgotten one.

And he achieved it.

The tendrils hurt him too bad.

But it stopped hurting...

It turned him into Ultimate Future Symbiote Amazing Noir Omega...

He was very close to death. With his powers, he destroyed Madare.

He has achieved himself to not die...


Birthplace Temple Of Shao Long
Year 1983


Does not remember family, deceased, Fake funeral (2000) Real funeral (2006)
Weapon The Master
Eyes Brown / Red (Ultimate)
Skin Color Caramel
Taunt Come on!
State Shao Monkai
Nationality English
Alignment Hero
Rival Madare
Height 6'9
Weight 6'6

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