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Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate January 31st, 1662
Age 22 (Soul Calibur III-Broken Destiny), 14 (due to drinking from the fountain of youth, Soul Calibur V)
Height 6 ft. (72 in.) (Soul Calibur III-Broken Destiny), 4.235 ft.(due to drinking from the fountain of youth, Soul Calibur V)
Weight 154 lbs.(Soul Calibur III-Broken Destiny),147 lbs.(due to drinking from the fountain of youth)
Elemental power Wind+Chakra
Weapon Katana, Wakizashi & Sashimono
Weapon name Chakra of the Shinobi
Fighting style Bushido+Jutsu+Chakra
Appears in

Soul Calibur III

Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny

Soul Calibur V

First game Soul Calibur III

Yoshimitsu (Sensei)

English voice actor Jay Lerner(Soul Calibur III), Sam Riegel (Soul Calibur IV-Broken Destiny, Maile Flanagan (Soul Calibur V)
Japanese TBA

Kira Yagami is a samurai that's part ninja who studies bushido under his master, Yoshimitsu. Right now, he's looking for Soul Calibur so he can destroy Soul Edge.

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