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Kenneth Thorton Travis aka Kenny Travis is Spriggangirl's friend and is the boyfriend of Samantha Ellison. He was the son of the druid warrior, Will Travis and Martha Travis, but because his mother died in childbirth, his father was dismissed from the foundation and he was taken for his father to be raised. Their parents are druids, while Samantha's father is a priest and has neglected his responsibilities as a druid, Kenny's father kills him so he can rise again with the aid of druid magic to become a druid warrior, but the druid warriors reassured him that he had surpassed his family's stain and is more than worthy of wielding the magical rune, in whom it was given by Spriggangirl.

So the druid warrior now learns how to use his druid powers, and it is not long before Spriggangirl joins him to take Samantha's place. While all this goes on, Warlock gains the rune stones to raise his father from his prison, causing all sorts of chaos and deaths along the way.

Until one day however, Kenny heard about a weapon which is also called the "Sword Of Salvation" from his father and it was spoken to him about how powerful he was since ancient times. Kenny thought to himself that if he could obtain the "Sword of Salvation", he can kill the Warlock and restore balance to the universe. Thinking that he knew something, Spriggangirl came up to him and told him about Soul Edge's true nature and she tells him that Soul Edge will not protect their world and neither will their universe.

After much thought, Kenny decides to go after Soul Edge in order to fight him. Spriggangirl also warns Kenny that Soul Edge is evil, and he won't be able to protect the things that he cherishes the most, but he still refused to listen. Not listening to her warning, Kenny traveled around the country in search for the Sword Of Salvation and found him in Ronnie's possession, eventually though he still believes that Soul Edge is the one thing that will give him power to protect the universe and then takes the sword to fight against Warlock.

The last rune stone is around the neck of the Druid warrior, Samantha and the three fight the warlock exhibiting a vast array of powers and magic. At the end, as Satan rises, Kenny takes Soul Edge and sending him back; he kills the warlock with a powerful blow tempered with malfestation from the cursed blade, thus shattering him into pieces. The warlock dies a gruesome death, taking a shard of Soul Edge with him.

Unfortunately, Kenny's theory, however, was different from saving the world and it came to an end with his death at the hands of the cursed sword.

His last words were spoken to Spriggangirl and then he died on her arms. After his death, Spriggangirl vows to take revenge against The Hero King.

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