"Its my duty to protect this Sword and Realm till its need again"
— The Guardian

The Guardian (ガーディアン, Gādian) is a character in the Soul series and appears in The Soul Calibur Chronicles

Creation of The Guardian

After the fight between Siegfried and Nightmare, Nightmare was defeated by Siegfried and Soul Calibur the Siegfried spoke some words and placed Soul Calibur next to him and it started to light up as both Siegfried and Nightmare where inprisoned by the Iced cage wich came from the Orb of Soul Calibur.

Spyridon Calibur's Aura coming from the Orb

In this Orb was a spirit named Spyridon Calibur This was the spirit of Soul Calibur that lived inside the Orb and it was her Aura that was coming from the sword to create the Iced Cage for both Siegfried and Nightmare.

But after a serval times beeing frozen in the Iced Cage the ice started to melt and both Siegfried and Nightmare where free'd from the Iced Cage, as soon as the the ice was gone Nightmare vanished completely to return a serval years later in Astral Chaos to rage across the Astral Chaos but also Siegfried was free'd from the ice and he followed Nightmare to Astral Chaos equipped with the Same

Spyridon's Aura energy shines again

Soul Calibur as he had before as the fight was going on between the ones who fought before all the sudden Nightmare's Soul Edge started to glow red energy and made a hole in the air to destroy all what was there, The Soul Calibur reacted on it and Spyridon Calibur's Aura took over Siegfried's body to end it as she was succesfull doing this it destroyed Nightmare's Soul Edge and along with it Nightmare itself aswell, but since the Soul Calibur was damaged when destroying Soul Edge and started to break into pieces it took all of Spyridon Calibur's energy to transport herself away from the area of Astral Chaos and she succeeded to do it and she transported the sword to the resting place where it should be there to heal itself to its original state.

To be sure that nothing could happen to the sword Spyridon Calibur created a Guardian from a Crystal Feather that was found earyler by Spyridon Calibur to protect the Realm where Soul Calibur was layed to rest till it was needed again, This creation of light was named The Guardian and it was her duty to guard and protect the Sword till it was needed again and Spyridon Calibur was back at full power.....

Spyridon's Return

A few years after the Soul Calibur was returned to the realm of peace and started to gain back at full power, sow as Spyridon Calibur who was resting inside the Orb that was in the middle of the sword, The Guardian did her work as it was promised and after a few years of restoring the day had come that Spyridon Calibur returned from out of the Orb as The Guardian was looking how the Spirit returned

Fighting Style

The fighting style of The Guardian is Angelic Style she can use various weapons and styles wich are all Soul Calibur

  • Sword and Lance
  • Snake Sword
  • Ring Blade
  • Chinese Sword
  • Ninja Sword x2
  • Blue Crystal Orb


Her personality is loyal against her creator Spyridon Calibur after she was made from a Crystal Angel Feather it sworn to protect and guard the realm, when someone trespasses the realm she will fight against anyone who enters the Realm without any reason

Critical Edge

Guardian's Payback: she attacks her opponent with crystals wich comes from her crystal wings she has on her back then and shines like crystals


The Realm of Peace

Theme Music

The Guardian's Theme02:52

The Guardian's Theme

Series Appereances

The Soul Calibur Chronicles (non playable)


  • Was created from a Crystal Angel Feather by Spyridon Calibur
  • Has the duty to protect Soul Calibur from any enemy's
  • Uses different weapons as her battle style
  • Her battlestyle is called Angelic Style


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